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A little about me and Graph Tech: I have been in R/C all my life. I have 40 years of experience in modeling. From manufacturing to building to flying to even racing r/c cars, I have been doing it. I first learned to fly at age 5-6. My dad had a Sig Kadet with a Super Tiger .40 on it and it was silked and doped. Loved that plane. We owned hobby shops back then. I flew all the time through mid teens....Then I raced R/C cars for about 10 years as well as flew. I raced for Losi for a number of years on a full ride sponsorship as well as many other manufacturers. In 1990, I opened Ohio R/C and introduced Giant Scale Planes to the market. My Dad and I ran that business for over 10 years. We had 24+ models, a complete accessory line, and tons of planes sold everywhere. We made over 10,000 plane kits and sold millions in planes and accessories through out that time. In spring of 2000, the modeling world was over run with china arf's. Within 1 year, kit sales were non-existant, and we were forced with a decision, either import china crap, or close the doors. I opted to close the doors. The china arf's then were terrible. I have never in my life been interested in selling junk. Not then, and not now. In 2001, I opened Graph Tech R/C. I wanted to specialize in Composite Landing Gear. Over the next 8 years, I developed many composite lay-ups for a variety of modeling parts. There have been many versions of our Landing Gear like the 3D and 4D versions. We have introduced Composite Tail Gear, Spinners, and Tubes to the modeleing market. And the New G2 Main Landing Gear is just simply awesome. I have never produce a composite part as nice looking and as strong.