#1220 Dalton Extra 300SP 40% 124" 200 cc Main Gear

  • Item #: Grep 1220

This gear is good for models between 35 and 44 lbs.  The gear will fit fuselages from 10" to 10-3/4" wide.  It has 2-1/2" forward rake to match the factory rake, but does not have the double curved design. Made with our G2 Process. It is strong and does not shimmey when you apply brakes. E-mail us for information on making it for your needs.  The dimensions are:

Base: 10-1/2"

Total Height: 11-1/4"

Total Spread: 24-1/2"

The gear is 2-1/8" wide at the fuse (front to back) tapering down to 1-1/8" at the axle.  We can change this dimension, so if you require a wider/narrower gear, please contact use for more information.

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Price $159.95