#645 1-1/2" x 48" Phenolic Sleeve

#645  1-1/2" x 48" Phenolic Sleeve
  • Item #: Grap645

This is a Phenolic Sleeve that will fit the #624  1-1/2" Carbon Tubes we sell. The Sleeve comes in a 48" length and is very close to 1.5" I.D. with a .030 wall.

The Carbon Tubes we sell are undersized which make them fit the sleeve.

Note:  This sleeve will not fit aluminum 1.5" tubes that measure 1.5".  China makes the sleeves exact and the tube undersized. America makes their tubes exact and their sleeves oversized. Its a law we all have to live with since were pinned to buying chinese made products. If you bought a sleeve from another rc business, you need to check and make sure your not fitting a undersized tube in an oversized sleeve. If the sleeve was made for an aluminum tube, it is oversized since the 1.5" aluminum tubes on the market are close to exact, which means the sleeve has to be oversized.

Since we get the tubes from china, we have had our sleeves special made to fit them. So the sleeves are close to exact I.D. and the fit is VERY nice. Exactly what you want. Were tired of having a lot of slop and wanted to offer products that are made to match. A Graph Tech Carbon Tube will fit a Graph Tech Phenolic Sleeve. Period. We have taken the worry out. No more clear tape!

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