GT322 Red Pull Pull Steering Tail Wheel for Aircraft to 22 lbs

GT322 Red Pull Pull Steering Tail Wheel for Aircraft to 22 lbs
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  • Item #: GT322

This is our newest addition to the Composite Tail Wheel line. The assembly comes with a CnC'd Aluminum Carriage mounted on a re-designed Carbon Fiber Bracket. These units offer positive rudder steering in an attractive, lightweight carbon look. It mounts easily with provided screws. This Assembly looks great on planes up to 22lbs.

The unit comes with necessary hardware including steering arms, screws, and springs. Complete with 1-1/4" wheel. Weighs just 2.3oz.

NEW BRACKET DESIGN.  The new design is tapered as it goes to the carriage. This will reduce the 'trim tab' effect. In addition, the edges are rounded smooth and we go the extra mile and clear coat it with Auto Clear.

Bracket Dimension: 3" Flat,  1-1/8" Wide tapering to 1/2", 1-3/4" Height (mounting flat to flat where carriage mounts.), 6-1/2" total length.

CnC Carriage Dimensions:  1-1/2" Tall,  2" Total Length including wheel.

Overall Dimensions:  3-1/4" Total height (mount flat to bottom of wheel), 5-1/2" Trail (from bend to back of wheel.)

Made in the USA 100% Materials and Labor. Lifetime Bracket Warranty.

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