#1214 Hangar 9 / Carden Extra 300 Main Gear

#1214 Hangar 9 / Carden Extra 300 Main Gear
  • Item #: Grap1214

This gear will fit on a 7" to a 7-1/2" fuselage. Made with our NEW G2 Process. The gear is Glossy Smooth. Made from Epoxy Resin and 100% Carbon Fibers. E-mail us for information on making it for your needs. Made in the USA. The dimensions are:

Base: 7-1/4"

Total Height: 8 - 5/8"

Total Spread: 18"

The gear is 1-5/8" wide at the fuse (front to back) tapering down to 1" at the axle. We can change this dimension, so if you require a wider/narrower gear, please contact use for more information.

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Price $89.95