GT 1224 Hangar 9 RV-4 30cc Landing Gear

Test Landing Gear
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  • Item #: GT1224

This gear is specifically designed and cut for the Hanger 9 Van’s RV-4 30cc ARF. The original gear is made of Aluminum and due to the large rear rake, has a tendency to flex excessively and if landed too hard, would easily cause permanent damage to the gear, your plane, and or prop strikes. Our gear is made in such a manor it would have a lot less bounce and flex, provides better ground handling characteristics, and last a long time.

The gear is a one piece, with a 4 1/2” rear rake to match the original stock and is cut to allow the stock wheel pants to mount easily.  

This gear is made of our G2 process using high quality resin and 100% Carbon Fibers. This out of autoclave process produces parts of the same high quality as an autoclave.

Made in the USA.

B-Base Width
Side to Side
C-Base Chord
Front to Rear
WW-Wheel Mount Width

* Rake Measured on the leading edge of the gear. Aft sweep "+", Forward sweep "-" .

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Price $129.31